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HERON is a Group of companies engaging in the production, supply and trading of electricity as well as in the supply and trading of natural gas. HERON Group is the first private Group to operate in the Greek liberalized electricity market. It owns, and has successfully operated since 2004, two gas-fired power plants outside Thiva, with a total installed capacity of almost 600 MW. HERON constructed the first private power plant in Greece in 2004, followed by the second, combined cycle power plant in 2009, at the same site. Having started its operations in 2000, it is now supported by three large energy Groups. HERON is a joint venture of the GEK-TERNA, ENGIE and QPI Groups.

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The research team DATALAB (Data and Web Science Lab) belongs to the Department of Informatics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and specializes in research and development activities in the fields of information and communication technologies with emphasis on social network and large scale data analysis techniques.

The team has many years of experience in both research and experimentation, focusing on techniques, algorithms, and implementations that contribute to the efficient analysis of large-scale data, the extraction of knowledge from digital social networks, and the study of web phenomena (eg malicious, false activities, etc.), in the analysis of opinions and emotions, and in technologies that utilize open data sharing platforms in cloud computing infrastructures and distributed architectures (eg lambda).

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NET2GRID is an AI-enabled software company which turns energy consumption data into personalised and actionable insights, empowering end users to become energy efficient.

Through our service we aim to achieve 3 things: enhance the gross margin of utilities and network operators, improve the customer engagement experience and contribute towards accelerating the world's energy transition to a sustainable future.

We were founded in 2011 and we have offices in Zeist and Thessaloniki. We currently have 35 staff members and are growing. We work in the US, Europe and Australia and have a leading position in energy disaggregation.

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