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BEYOND Expo 2022
BEYOND Expo 2022

The BEYOND Expo is the first international technology and industry exhibition in Southeast Europe, the Mediterranean, and the MENA region, taking place in Thessaloniki. The expo features top speakers and exhibitors promoting innovation, technology, and the presentation of new products. Its goal is to transform Thessaloniki into a hub for technology and innovation in the broader region and contribute constructively to Greece’s digital transformation.

During the two-day conference, internationally recognized speakers, roundtable discussions, workshops, and various presentations introduced the audience to the world of artificial intelligence and its impact on modern society and daily life.

In 2022, the exhibition was organized from September 29 to October 1 at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Center.

The HEART project was presented through the partnership with the Data and Web Science Laboratory (DataLab) of the Department of Informatics at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki as an exhibitor. Visitors could get information about the program from the scientific collaborators at the exhibition booth and receive physical materials for their information.

The Heart project was presented to a broad audience through partner presentations (>11,000 visitors in 2022 and >6,300 visitors in 2021) both in specialized presentations and at the corresponding booth maintained by the DataLab laboratory. The presentations and information about the Heart project were given by Dr. Vasilios Psomiadis, Dr. Pavlos Serbezis, Dr. Elias Dimitriadis, Prof. Athena Vakali, and Ph.D. candidate George Vlachavas.

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